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For clients who want to improve the whole picture

Hot Blue's lawyer life coaches include coaches from a wide variety of backgrounds -- from attorney or Fortune 50 coaches to coaches emphasizing a more spiritual or holistic side. See for yourself. We look forward to talking to you.

Wendy Billie - Lawyer Life Coach

Wendy Billie, career and life coach, is an in-house coach with a Fortune 50 company, and has a great deal of experience in helping clients to figure out their next move -- including helping clients get to the next level in their current careers.  She has also also provided advice and career counseling to MBA and undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota.
She took steps to reinvent herself a few years ago because she was stuck in her own career. She used her skills and life learning in her own reinvention process and is now in a balance between life and career that fits her.

Will Wiebe -- Lawyer Life Coach

lawyer life coachWill Wiebe has 25 years of professional experience with people in non-government organizations, executive leadership, organizational management, community relations, civic engagement, and human development.
Will's mission and passion is to guide individuals, groups, and organizations in a process of self-discovery and transformation that will un-lock their full potential, and to provide a life-giving lawyer career coachesenvironment for professional and personal human development.
What Will brings to the coach-client relationship is wisdom, compassion, renewal of self-worth, accountability, and strategies for moving past creative blocks.  He also integrates time and centering space to help you creatively reflect deeply about your life purpose and goals.  This process taps into the creative power of what you already know.

C.J. Liu -- Lawyer Life Coach

C.J. Liu, recently of Microsoft, lawyer marketing coach is a former CFO and strategic consultant who brings the know-how of more than 20 years of business, finance, and product development experience to her coaching clients.  C.J. has worked at several other leading Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric and Clorox.  C.J. served as an in-house executive/business coach at Microsoft and she continues to work with teams and individuals there today.  C.J. is a rarity in the world of business/career coaching - she is one of few certified professional coaches with an MBA from a top-ranked program.
C.J. has coached executive directors at non-profits, business owners, and entrepreneurs on the issues that can create, or undermine, success:  effective leadership and communications, conflict resolution, how to develop strong working relationships, and the hows and whys of emotional intelligence.  C.J.'s strong business background and diverse experience in product development, strategic planning, marketing, finance, and business development provide her coaching clients with a nice balance of Business IQ and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  This extensive business background enables C.J. to quickly understand the breadth and depth of many business and marketing issues.  Before joining Hot Blue Coaching, C.J. served as an in-house executive/business coach at Microsoft.

Laura Svolos -- Spiritual Life Coach

I'm Laura Svolos, member of the International Coach Federation and a Spiritual Life Coach of Feroce.  I'm also a Swami of The Temple of Kriya Yoga, which is based in Chicago, Illinois.  I am a life coach who uses principles of Eastern spiritual wisdom, metaphysics, and quantum physics as a foundation for helping individuals to find more freedom and balance in their lives.  I integrate my seminary training with Feroce's best practices in coaching.  And I draw upon my intuition, my communications background (two degrees from Northwestern University), and 20 years of work experience in high pressure environments that include nonprofit, politics, and the film business.

Christina Winsey-Rudd -- Holistic Life Coach, Weight Loss Coach

Christina Winsey-Rudd, D.C., L.M.T. (The "I Can" Doctor) is a holistic and spiritual life coach, family coach, business and professional development coach, and a weight-loss coach.  She practiced alternative medicine for 18 years, and taught Anatomy & Physiology, before becoming a coach and speaker.  Dr. Chris has pursued extensive post-graduate education in alternative health coaching and related disciplines, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Control, Applied Kinesiology, Hypnosis, Pranic Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, The Power to Influence and Occupational Health and Safety for Chiropractic and Industry.

Dr. Chris is an expert in "Neuro-Integration" - teaching people how to solve and overcome challenges through combining cutting-edge, whole brain technology with "heart", body, emotions and the laws of quantum physics.

She is a graduate of the "Take Action Training" and is currently involved with the Thomas Leonard Method: Coachville Schools of Coaching.  She is a Prosperity Partnership Certified Prosperity Guide, and has completed her Emotional Freedom Technique Certificate of Completion (EFT-CC).  In 1998 she co-hosted a coaching television show called "Focus on Holistic Health."  In August 2005 she and her business partner began co-hosting a one-hour, live, call-in coaching radio show called "Take It To The Top."

Susan Epstein -- Life and Parenting Coach, Life Coach for Children and Teens

Susan P. Epstein, LCSW, parent coach and family coach, practiced psychotherapy for 23 years before becoming a coach, writer, and speaker on topics of family and parenting.
 Susan graduated from Clark University in Worcester, MA in 1980, where she earned her B.A. degree in Sociology and Spanish with a minor in Psychology.  Susan worked for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children until she moved to California in 1984, where she pursued her M.S.W. from the University of California at Berkeley School of Social Welfare.  She is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Susan completed training in 2003 with the internationally accredited Coaches Training Institute.  She is now a parent coach and family coach.  Of course, much of what she learned was in the trenches, as parent herself.

Wanda Ropa - Intuitive Creative Life Coach


Personal Life Coach Wanda RopaI'm Wanda Ropa, Master Certified Coach, and I believe life is meant to be fun, easy, and effortless.  Using an intuitive creative style, I help you CREATE the life of your dreams.  I help take you off the rollercoaster of life and guide you back onto the road and into the driver’s seat.  There are no coincidences in life.  When our paths cross, synchronicity happens and the magic begins.  Remember, as a child, when life seemed fresh and exciting and each day was a new adventure? Starting a coaching relationship is starting on a journey with the next chapter of your life: your ideal life.  

During the collaborative coaching sessions, you will develop immediate action steps to:

career coaching Achieve spontaneous relief with a fresh perspective
career coaching Clearly identify solutions
career coaching Establish and define priorities aligned with your core values
career coaching Reframe your current situation into manageable segments
career coaching Navigate and clear current obstacles
career coaching Boost your confidence using easy tools
career coaching Explore and enhance your creative potential
career coaching Start building the foundation to move toward creating your dream life
career coaching Create deep and satisfying personal and social relationships
career coaching Attract success in life, work, and business
career coaching Experience life as easy, fun, and effortless

Based on cutting-edge research from diverse disciplines studying the powers of the mind, these techniques activate your own natural intuition and creative problem-solving abilities, help you discover your natural talents and leverage your unique strengths to experience strategic solutions to start living your dream life.  I have a Master’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing, have worked extensively in the corporate world, and am in The World Who’s Who of Women, Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders of America, and Who’s Who in the Midwest.  I am also a certified CPP assessments coach, experienced speaker, professional facilitator, writer, and poet.  Read my full bio.

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