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Or, What You Didn't Learn in Law School

Are you marketing yourself effectively? Are you using the power of permission or relationship marketing? You're an information professional -- what about educational marketing? Do you know how to effectively establish your expertise in your practice areas, and how to cross-sell existing clients into areas with which they don't currently associate you? Do you know how to use the power of the Internet in your practice? Do you have all the clients you need, and the right mix of the kind of clients you like to work with? If your answer to any of these questions is "no" or "objection," a lawyer marketing coach can help you get on track.

Why does a lawyer hire a lawyer marketing coach?  Because in law school, you weren't taught anything about marketing, or even the how-to's of business in general.  In CLE courses, you're not taught anything about marketing.  And even in the training provided by law firms, you are still not taught what you need to know, and the skills and ways of thinking that you need to develop, in the areas of marketing and business development.

If you're like most lawyers, marketing isn't even in your DNA. It's why you chose a profession, for heaven's sake -- for professions were, until recently, above marketing.

And then law became a business.

Wham.  The billable hour became the metric above all metrics.  The term "lip service" came to be cozy, in most sentences, in firms' literature about pro bono commitments. Associate tracks lengthened.  Many associates don't even make partner, and if the firms warn them at all, it's at the bitter end.  Labels like "of counsel," "non-equity partner," "staff lawyer," "contract lawyer," and "Mommy-track" (for males and non-parents too) proliferated.

Lawyers have been scrambling to adapt for fifteen years or more, but it's in the last few years that the challenges facing them have seemed to spin out of control.

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We have worked with lawyers and businessmen and -women just like you to apply best business practices to the law, the one industry that, due to its late start in marketing and the lack of business training of lawyers, lags woefully behind most others in marketing savvy.  What can we do that you're probably not doing now with the degree of rigor you'd like?

Identify your target markets and the niches with the highest possibility of conversion from potential client to paying client. Work on wooing legal counsel in our marketing coaching for lawyers.

Devise and implement marketing strategies directed at your target market, using channels as diverse as referral or word of mouth to public speaking, newspaper columns, and the Internet

   - Identify your personal brand - a niche in which you actually fit, in the eyes of potential clients
   - target publications in which to write
   - target fora in which to speak
   - be accountable to a coach for actually making all of the above happen

Draft business plans -- yes, they really do make a difference between the well-oiled and the half-cocked.  Would you go into court without an opening argument?

Business development techniques and client pitches

Search engine optimization -- the least expensive, most cost-effective form of marketing -- and one that your competitors so far know virtually nothing about.

Leadership Coaching

Speech coaching and effective, persuasive presentations

Team-building (including behavior and workstyle assessments) for members of your law practice

360-degree reviews of managers and employees

Developing Internet strategies and a powerful web presence that's more than just a brochure

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