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About Hot Blue

Why We're Here

Hot Blue Coaching, founded by Cameron Powell, a former attorney and writer who became a public speaker, business start-up expert, and coach, specializes in coaching for communicators. Cameron has pickd a diverse group of highly experienced coaches for every need.

The Unifying Theme:  Communication

What tied Cameron's life together was the same stuff that informed his coaching practice and the aspiration his own clients shared:  persuasive, effective communication of all that we are (including what we want or need).  He saw a real need for coaches specifically dedicated to serving the needs of people who communicate for a living, and thus was born Hot Blue Coaching.


Whether you are working out a presentation for senior management or a conference keynote and want to knock 'em dead (see speech coaching), trying to improve your performance as a lawyer who must persuade both potential clients or tribunals (see lawyer coaching), or crafting a work of fiction or non-fiction that aims to be wholly different from anything that has gone before (writing coaching), you all have in common the goal of making a powerful and effective argument. We've also got something for those who want all-around life coaching for attorneys, and those who seek an emphasis like spiritual, holistic, or parent coaching.


Some of the arguments, points, or cases we need to make are prosaic and not even terribly subtle.  Others, like literary or more overtly political arguments, may stem from what the literary critic Harold Bloom (not to mention the ancient Greeks) called the "agon" that all writers and indeed all artists necessarily have with those who have gone before.  But in all cases, you are judged by the quality of your ideas, your inventiveness, your means of expression.  If you are speaking your argument in an oral presentation, the goal is no different, but you will need to know something about the difference between written and spoken words.


It is for people who care about words and ideas, rhetoric and persuasion that Hot Blue Coaching was founded.  What you express can arise from the deepest reservoirs of your wisest self.  Why be content with the trite and cliched, the hackneyed and workaday?  Life is too short to speak into your collar.

Now look over our coaches. If you already have, it's time to act. Ask for a free consultation. There's no sales pitch, no obligation. But what better way to do your due diligence?


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