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Cameron Powell is the founder of Hot Blue Coaching, as well as Feroce Coaching, one of the largest and most comprehensive coaching organizations on the Internet.

Cameron Powell -- Lawyer Coach, Speech Coach, Writing Coach

Cameron, a former attorney and writer who became a public speaker, business start-up expert, and coach, specializes in coaching designed, sensibly enough, for attorneys, public speakers, and writers. Some of his clients are all three. Cameron is a graduate of the certified business and executive coaching program of the International Coach Academy and a member of the Northwest Coaches Association. He would not, however, be mistaken for a conventional coach.

Cameron has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he graduated first in his class and summa cum laude, and a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School.  He is a published (and unpublished) writer, and a consultant to entrepreneurs whose message (whether in raising venture capital or building a sales system) is critical. He was once also a:

Successful lawyer (Foley & Lardner, the U.S. Department of Justice, federal clerkship)

Adjunct law professor (George Washington Law Center)

Founder and President, The Caedmon Agency, a literary agency in the late 1990s

General Counsel at eLaw.com (a company), SnapNames (a very innovative and successful company), and Document Command (a new and exciting company)

Start-up company business development maven (same companies as directly above, and a few more, including an Internet marketing company),

Leadership coach (Corporate Leadership Council)

and is still an entrepreneur and incubator of entrepreneurs himself.

What tied Cameron's life and work together was the same thing that informed his coaching practice and the aspiration many of his own clients shared:  persuasive, effective communication.  He saw a real need for coaches specifically dedicated to serving the needs of people who communicate for a living, and thus was born Hot Blue Coaching.

You can read more about how he works with clients in the following areas:

life coaching for lawyers

career coaching for lawyers in transition

lawyer marketing and business development

writing and creativity

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