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Coaching for Those Whose Trade is Ideas:  Lawyers, Speakers, and Writers
Hot Blue Coaching, founded by a recovering attorney and inveterate writer who became a public speaker, successful entrepreneur, and coach, specializes in coaching for attorneys, public speakers, and writers -- and some of our clients are all three.  Read more about lawyers, writers, and speakers below. Or take decisive action now and request a no-sales-pitch, no-obligation free consultation.
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Need Coach Who Understands the Challenges of Lawyers?

Our clients include many attorneys who want coaches who specifically understand the challenges of becoming, being, or ceasing to be an attorney. Specific areas include life, marketing, and career coaching, but of course nearly all of our clients use coaching's comprehensive, holistic approach to move forward, simultaneously, in all of these areas at once. 

Work-Life Balance, Goal-Setting, Insight, and Accountability. This is life coaching for lawyers. They say all coaching, after the first three sessions, becomes life coaching, but if your goals are already broader than work, start here.

Business Development.  Define your target markets, learn the critical skills of developing your branding and positioning, and find out how to grow your business through something you didn't learn in law school:  marketing, PR, and advertising. Find a lawyer marketing coach.

Career Transition.  Not sure whether the law is for you?  Through coaching and our top-notch assessments, do the soul-searching, brainstorming, and due diligence that will help you to move forward without worrying about looking back. Look for a lawyer career coach.

Communications Coaching -- Is there something you want -- or need -- to express?

Head Coach Cameron Powell has been writing and speaking professionally for over 17 years.  More importantly, for you, he's been motivating and coaching people past the things that block them for almost as many years.
Are you already a writer, someone with a professional's work habits and a need for accountability and an ally to help you through long gestation periods and challenging problems of structure or voice?  Or is writing a dream you've denied for too long, so that you want to make writing a part of daily life?  Look into writing coach and writer Cameron Powell now.

 If you give speeches, presentations, or pitches of any kind, I can help.  Dazzle the board of directors. Persuade venture capitalists with what they need to hear.  Bowl over large live audiences.  Get the sale.  Whatever your need for persuasion, I can help you define and refine it.  Consider an executive speech coach now.

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