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Set up a free, one-on-one 45-minute goal-setting workshop that's exclusively focused on your success

No sales, no pressure -- a real value at no charge

We offer free coaching consultations for two reasons.  First, we don't expect clients who don't know of our work to simply open their checkbooks to anyone who might have tossed up a website.  And second, our experience has shown us that prospective clients are often enough so convinced that our coaching is clearly just what they need that we can afford to offer you a free session too -- assuming you're serious about coaching and can respect our time and yours in the follow-up.

If so, fill out the short form below.  Tell us about your goals for coaching and how to reach you.  You can choose your preferred coach (you can very quickly review the handful in each category of coaching), or we'll pick one for you.  Your coach will then call or email you to set up a time to talk to you about where you want to be

OUR DEEP BENCH = YOUR SUCCESS TEAM.  We are unique in surrounding you with your own personal success team.  Only Hot Blue allows and recommends transitions from one Hot Blue coach to another coach whose expertise might be a better match for your challenge of the moment -- and then back again.  And only Hot Blue allows you 2 free consultations with 2 different coaches. You simply won't find those promises, or that power for change, anywhere else.  

Features of the Free Coaching Consultation

  Free, but normally a $159-250 value, depending on the pricing plan.  At least 45 minutes of real listening and strategy

It doesn't matter where you live.

No sales pitch, no pressure.  Our work speaks for itself.  Pressure is something applied by people who don't believe in what they're doing.  

Increased Likelihood of Tax-Deductibility.  Our expert coaches will discuss with you how we might structure your coaching so as to increase the likelihood of its tax-deductibility!  Ask for more details in your free consultation.

Please provide the following information to help us to better and more efficiently serve you.

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What do you want from coaching (e.g., your goals)?  This will help us to place you with a coach in your free consultations, so please write a lot!

List all times within the next 48 hours, in your local time zone, when a coach can call you -- and you might even be available for your free consultation


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Note: For best results in your free consultations, we encourage you to take a moment to select a coach who seems the best fit for you.  Read the bios and specialties of the coaches.

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