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"I have found your lawyer marketing coaching quite helpful.  I've found I can't replicate its benefits on my own, or with others in my life.  In our first session, in fact, you earned your entire fee." 

-- N.G., attorney and former judge

"Wow.  You wrapped up my entire life in fifteen seconds.  So how do I do something about what you just laid out?" 

-- N.W., rainmaker and lawyer life coaching client

"I spent several months getting writing coaching from Cameron Powell and I feel very blessed to have had the experience.  Cameron was steady, consistent, reliable, loving and brilliant.  His comments were insightful and delightfully creative; his knowledge of the world of literature was vast; his capacity to relate and support my growth was incredibly helpful.  I confided very intimate details of my life to Cameron, and found his understanding and kindness invaluable for my moving forward into the next step of my writing process. I will be forever grateful for the time I spent under Cameron's tutelage."


Dr. Patricia O. Hunter
Writer and Licensed Psychologist
New York City

“It was a real eye-opener talking to you as a lawyer coach and reading the book you recommended, because now I’m able to look at things like a manager and prioritize instead of surrounding myself with work.  Using my time and my assistants’ time wisely, not just working on files but also on the business.” 

-- K.L., Attorney, Denver, Colo.


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