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"I have found your lawyer marketing coaching quite helpful.  I've found I can't replicate its benefits on my own, or with others in my life.  In our first session, in fact, you earned your entire fee." 

-- N.G., attorney and former judge

Hi Cameron,

I'm not sure if you were wondering if both my goals hit the SMART format, or mainly the studio one. I think I am OK to shoot for, No, I mean, achieve 6 hours of studio time . . . I know that I will be asked later by my coach if I maintained the behavior which I know is right. It helps me already to know I will be asked for a report.

Today was a great today. I looked carefully and often at what sort of state I was entering into. I feel fine, grateful for my job, and am headed into the studio now. Your words affected me a great deal.

Coaching seems to me to be more in-depth than I expected because I guess I imagined something more designed toward looking at motivation, drive, goals and then focusing commitment to manage and manipulate circumstances so that goals can be achieved. I was surprised to hear you go so far into all the components of state; the whole state of being and much of it on a mental level, seeming to occur before it becomes embedded in emotions and therefore possibly easier to modify. Early intervention, it seems to me.

Thanks for being such a good listener and for asking so many questions before you choose a conversational direction. I think this is great.

[Days later . . .]

Great week. All on target. Adding studio hours to the weekend, so that will be 12 hours intead of 7. This is because I am finding that the many demands of this time of year are being managed better because I am seeing studio progress; and it is quite a surprise to have that happen as a result of working at the end of the day. Making a commitment to a coach is really helping!

-- W.B. Artist


"Wow.  You wrapped up my entire life in fifteen seconds.  So how do I do something about what you just laid out?" 

-- N.W., rainmaker and lawyer life coaching client

"I spent several months getting writing coaching from Cameron Powell and I feel very blessed to have had the experience.  Cameron was steady, consistent, reliable, loving and brilliant.  His comments were insightful and delightfully creative; his knowledge of the world of literature was vast; his capacity to relate and support my growth was incredibly helpful.  I confided very intimate details of my life to Cameron, and found his understanding and kindness invaluable for my moving forward into the next step of my writing process. I will be forever grateful for the time I spent under Cameron's tutelage."


Dr. Patricia O. Hunter
Writer and Licensed Psychologist
New York City

"It was a real eye-opener talking to you as a lawyer coach and reading the book you recommended, because now I'm able to look at things like a manager and prioritize instead of surrounding myself with work.  Using my time and my assistants' time wisely, not just working on files but also on the business." 

-- K.L., Attorney, Denver, Colo.

"Billable hours has long been one of the most stressful components in my career as a commercial litigator -- preparing for hearings or drafting motions while also fielding phone calls and emails and drafting letters -- being required to keep track of where my time was spent was more than a small annoyance. I always worked longer and harder than my montly hours reflected. In addition to providing several other major benefits, Cameron Powell helped me implement an easy system that both captures all of my billables and increases my efficiency. At the end of any given day, I now not only feel like I've accomplished what I set out to accomplish, but I no longer feel stressed from worrying about meeting Goal. I highly recommend Cameron because he has been there, felt the pain, and constructed practical solutions. Work to live."

-- On the beach in South Florida, Rob.


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